Wednesday, July 25, 2012

our homestead: mid season

1. The first of my sunflowers are starting to open up.
2. A ladybug finds her home on the stalk of a tall sunflower.
3. The vegetable patch.
4. I love my sunflowers.
5. Golden chard and Arabian Nights nasturtiums.
6. Fava bean pods.
7. My free-ranging duck herd.
8. The Blondie.
9. Oswald and the ducklings.
10. My first Brown Turkey fig in the greenhouse.
11. I believe these are a Pink Brandywine/Yellow Pear cross.
12. Resident spiders keep the mosquitoes down in my greenhouse.
13. Big green beauties...waiting to see what color they turn.
14. The majority of our tomatoes appear to be this saucy, Black Prince/Evergreen cross.
15. There's a Cat hiding in here.
16. A basket's worth of harvest with much more to come.
17. Freshly rinsed tomatoes right before grilled sandwiches and preservation.

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