Monday, June 3, 2013

trail setters: my family started a farmers market

My mom and stepdad started a little Sunday farmers market in town. Yesterday was the first day and we were all pleasantly surprised by our town's turnout. We even had a few folks linger in from Seattle. We couldn't have asked for better weather too- bright sunny skies. My parents are calling their baby a "grower's market", meaning the focus of the market will be Washington grown and produced foods and plants. Maybe one or two craft vendors, but that's it. Food vendors will have to use Washington grown food and produce, so, for example, we have a hot dog vendor coming in who will be using locally raised pork. Essentially, their market is what farmers markets should be, but often deviate from. For instance, you'll head to market and only be able to find one or two farmers in a sea of crafts. I'm looking forward to watching this market grow. It's in an excellent spot: in the middle of town near a large grassy area with a playground and skate park. Anyway, below are a few photos I took from opening day. I sold edible and pollinator-attracting plant starts I grew myself. My parents had their awesome tomatoes up for sale (of course). 

1. My parents' beefsteak tomatoes.
2. My little plant stand.                                                                                                                        
3. Some of my starts.
4. My big ol' pregnant belly. I'm due August 6th!
5. Blowing the conch shells (old market tradition) at the end of the day. My stepdad's to the right.

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