Monday, March 25, 2013

our homestead: paperwork for the county and finishing basic house plans

When are we building the house? Probably the end of May or early June. Probably early June. This summer. First off, we have to wade through the above paperwork and meetings with the county for a Building Permit. Everything needs to be permitted- everything. From how we grade (shape and dig) our soil for preparing the driveway and building site to how big we plan to build our house and what materials we plan to build with not to mention detailed mapping of our property and how it relates to surrounding properties (location of utilities, drain fields, storm water, etc). We can totally get this all done, but it will take time to research everything. Luckily a lot of the grading and water information will be gathered by our septic and soils engineer, and we plan on working our property layout plans around the majority of the standing timber on our property (for example: we will snake our driveway around trees instead of chop them down). The physical act of building the house definitely seems like the "easy part" the more I learn about the whole process.
My husband and I have been finalizing our basic house plan for our initial build. I call it the initial build as we plan to build on an addition in about 4-5 years. We'll see when the time comes though- we might be very happy in our little house just the way it is. Currently, we're shooting for a single level, 600-800 square foot home with a rustic modern aesthetic. We want two bedrooms and one bathroom, and an open living and kitchen area. We are also considering building a pole barn shop for additional storage and Joe's "man land"depending on what we can afford. If we build a shop, our house will probably be around 600+ square feet (which is just fine with us). Below are a few sketches and some floor plans we're strongly considering at this point. We are also working with a family-friend builder who will be able to turn these doodles into legitimate plans for county permitting.
Photo credit: Family Home Plans

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