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Hi! I'm Cat and I'm the keeper of the Set the Trail blog, previously known as Growing on the Swan Slough. I've been an inhabitant of the beautiful Pacific Northwest since my birth. I love life here: I love the lush, mossy green woods, the breathtaking blue mountains, the winter farm lands when the tundra swans arrive, the saltwatery air of the Puget Sound and the all-so-familiar rain. And when the sun shines, it becomes even more heavenly out here.

I was raised in the local farmers market circle, wherein I'd head to market with my mom and help sell her handmade goatmilk soaps, honey and tomatoes. It's such a blessing that I was able to grow up around so many creative and enterprising farmers and artisans. Being raised amongst these people made me truly appreciate the adventuresome DIY spirit. For the past few summers, I've been teaching myself how to raise food for my family in my back pasture. In the next year, my husband and I will also be building our own energy-efficient 500-800 square foot home, using as many sustainable materials and green energy methods as we can, on 2.17 acres of woods.

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