Friday, June 8, 2012

our homestead: clutch #2

My second Moscovy clutch started hatching last week. There was a span of days where it seemed that everytime I'd traipse down the hill to let the birds out and give them their breakfast, I'd hear the peepsing of a freshly hatched duckling. It almost became a little game for me. I'd head in the house with two new ducklings in the pockets of my sweater and cheer to my husband, "Two more!" or "One more!". Our second clutch was smaller than the first (less eggs), but we have seven healthy new babies. I've been keeping them downstairs in the basement in a galvanized tub with a heat lamp. This weekend I plan to introduce them to the other flock of ducklings. I'm hoping the Momma Duck will accept them. I'll be on hand to supervise their interactions to see if they can smoothly join their older siblings. Anyway, here's a little collection of photos I took of my Clutch #2 under the apple trees yesterday. 

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