Thursday, January 26, 2012

DIY almanac: My favorite way to cook kale

My co-op was just delivered some beautiful, beautiful mixed kale braising greens from Highwater Farm of Mt. Vernon, Washington. Their kale is so very fresh and  flavorful- you can almost taste the rainwater and the soil minerals that helped it grow. I brought home a pillow-sized bag of it...and it's empty already. Kale is so good when cooked in a hot pan with a little olive oil and minced garlic, or when transformed into a hearty winter salad with chopped fuji apples and steamed beets (mmm!). Kale chips are amazing too- whether baked or dehydrated...I'll be sure to post a recipe someday, but for now, here's my very favorite way to cook kale. So simple: 

First, you'll want a good few handfuls of kale.
Then you'll want to bring chicken stock, the juice of one lemon and parmesan into the mix. 
Warm your chicken stock and lemon juice in a nice sized pan over medium-low heat. Then toss in your kale.
Lightly cook and stir until just al dente. I like my greens to still have a little bit of crunch left to them. 
Serve with a generous garnish of parmesan and enjoy your brothy kale goodness. 

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