Thursday, May 24, 2012

our homestead: ducklings hatching

Right now as I quickly write this blog, my ducklings are hatching down below in the coop. This morning while I was doing my normal duck routine (let the birds out, refresh their water, check their feed, check for eggs), I had the thought to check on my brooding ladies, as their "due date" was last week. I opened up the nest box and noticed a cracked egg shell and my ducks (two are brooding right now) were both sitting in the same nest box. So weird. I began to move one duck over to her original nest box and saw a tiny, tiny pair of pink feet and some yellow feathers peak out. WHOAH! DUCKLINGS! I bet the second brooder was sitting in the wrong nest box because she wanted those ducklings (talk about baby fever). I have a feeling her clutch is right about to hatch as well. Anyway, I took some hurried photos and ran around finding materials to build my ladies and their babies a separate partition from the rest of the flock (to keep the ducklings safe). My guess is I'll come home from work this evening to find even more ducklings. I'll be sure to post better photos soon...I just didn't want to disturb my gals too much or their little darlings. Anyway, here are the quick photos I was able to snag...

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