Monday, March 12, 2012

our homestead: getting impatient for spring

Bringing spring indoors: early flowers from the yard gracing my kitchen windowsill
This is the time of year I start getting really impatient for spring...almost like a kid counting down to Christmas. I long for the days when I can directly sow my vegetable and flower seeds outside without worrying about killing frosts. For when I can watch my little sprouts popping out of the ground instead of from flats on my windowsills. We just set our clocks an hour forward and the first official day of spring is only about a week away. Flowers are starting to open up around the daffodils and crocus, purple vinca and grape hyacinth. Last night we had a beautiful sunset with puffy white clouds and dusty blue skies. A warm glowing sun. Spring is so very close! I just wish it were here already. 

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