Saturday, February 18, 2012

our homestead: evidence of spring

Honeysuckle buds
Boy, has it been a blustery day today! And rainy. And cold. However, mid-February is an exciting time. Winter is just at its close and spring is right around the bend. My mom likes to refer to February as the "magic month": when it's time to start heading back out into the garden. February is the best time to prune and transplant fruit trees and you can start planting hardier bulbs. The soil is also easy to work and can be ammended with compost or other nutrients for later planting. Primroses make their debut and can withstand the cold well enough that they can be planted out in the garden and provide a show of flowers. Christmas Roses, also known as Hellebore, are in full bloom. Some later blooming heathers are just now unveiling their white and pink flowers, providing late winter nectar for the bees whenever a mild and sunny day might appear from the clouds. All around the garden, buds are appearing on spindly branches of once dormant plants and trees. These buds will slowly transform into leaves and flowers as spring draws closer. Daffodils, tulips, crocus and other spring bulbs are also beginning to pop up out of the ground. Yes, spring is coming. If you explore your garden, you'll see its subtle signs.
Tulips and poppies emerging
Our garlic is starting to peek out of the ground

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  1. what a hopeful post! i love spring. glad tidings, indeed!